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New Years Resolution - How to Win at Losing

New Years Resolution - How to Win at Losing

New Year’s Resolution – How to Win at Losing!

Many women wake up on New Year’s Day feeling bloated and find they are unable to fit back into their favorite jeans. That’s the moment where so many people say, “My New Year’s resolution is to lose weight!” A few weeks pass or maybe a couple of months slide by, and suddenly the dream is nothing more than fantasy. So, where has their plan gone wrong?

As a certified personal trainer, I see the common pitfalls that trip people up and cause them to lose the battle for weight loss every New Year. I’m going to give you three most common reasons people strike out every year, and more importantly, I’m going to give you some tips on how to kick the losing streak against the New Year’s resolution to lose weight.

1. Lack of Support and Knowledge: After making the resolution to lose weight, the first thing people usually do is join a gym. That’s great! Now what? Many people are not sure where to start. Look into hiring a personal trainer to build a program and provide the support and accountability needed to succeed long term. Your time spent in the gym will be focused you will be able to track your results more effectively.

2. Too Much Too Soon: It’s common to see people using all of their new found energy in month one. Spending hours in the gym the first few weeks may feel awesome at first. It’s usually followed by the brick wall syndrome where the body is so sore and tired it can barely get out of bed. Avoid the “brick wall” by easing into exercise and remember, muscles need a day to rest after working out.

3. Super Diet Cuts: Dieting is associated with the New Year’s resolution health kick. Cutting too many calories can slow down weight loss by slowing your metabolism. Don’t think of food as calories. Think of food as energy the body needs in order to function and “kick butt” in the gym. It is best to ease into eating healthy just like easing into exercise. Focus on making small changes, such as eating a serving of fruits and vegetables at every meal or choosing whole grain bread and pasta instead of white.

Being healthy is a lifestyle. It isn’t an overnight process. It’s going to take a conscious effort to reach your goals. Watch out for common mistakes people make when first starting to work out in the New Year, such as working out without the skill or knowledge necessary, doing too much work too soon and making super calorie cuts. Look into hiring a personal trainer to build a program and provide the support and accountability needed to succeed long term. Rest the muscles at least a day after working them, and don’t forget, small realistic changes are the best place to start. Now that you’re armed to properly fight the battle of weight loss, this New Years go ahead and say it, “This year I’m going lose weight!”

Written by Dane’ Marie Standish, who holds a BS in Community Health from EWU and is a certified personal trainer at Snap Fitness.

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